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Google AdWords

Search Engine Marketing

Stop wasting your clicks. Beat your competition and grow your leads, sales and revenue by capturing more high value customers with cost-effective paid search strategy. 

I love helping companies succeed!

Google AdWords is one of the fastest, most targeted and least risky options to advertise your business, but only if you setup and manage your campaigns correctly.

Google Partners

Search Advertising

Run text ads in Google search and partners to drive highly qualified leads to your site. You only pay when people visit your website or call your business. My mission is to make sure I get you the best lead for the lowest price by operating my magic.

Display Advertising

Reach your target audience and raise your brand awareness with banner ads and text ads on the Google Display Network.

Video Advertising

Broadcast your video ads on YouTube and the Google Display Network.

App Campaign

Promote your Android or iOS app across Google’s top properties including Search, Play, YouTube, and the Google Display Network.


Stay top of mind with potential customers by re-targeting them across the Google search and display network.

Shopping Ads

If you have an e-commerce website, you can use shopping campaigns to promote your products and boost sales.

Receive $100 Free of Advertising

As a Google Partner, I can apply a $100 coupon to your account.

Defining Goals & Targets

Define a set of clear goals and objectives (leads target, cost-per-acquisition, increasing sales, etc…) for the account

Campaigns Implementation & Optimisation

Identify the target keywords and structure the campaigns in alignment with the business goals

Continual Optimisation & Analysis

Adjust bids at all different levels, identify new opportunities, run tests (landing page, ad copy, etc…)

Apply Proven Optimisation Tactics

Deploy successful tactics to grow the ROI and business beyond the initial target

Want to kick-start your business leads?

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