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Make Your Data More Meaningful

Web Analytics & Reporting

Reaching Your Goals Starts With Meaningful Data

Collecting and analysing data can be overwhelming. This data is only really meaningful if we understand what it tells us about the activities, and can use it to improve the user’s experience and your return on the investment. By leveraging your website data, I can get insight to not only your visitors’ profile but also how this traffic is getting there and what users are doing on your site. 



As a Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager professional, I can measure and interpret your website traffic to improve your digital marketing strategy. I can make your data have an impact on your business through:

  • Better data collection and analysis
  • Better data visualisation and application

Custom Reporting

I can customise and build your own reports from scratch. You can choose from hundreds of metrics including but not limited to: demographics, user behaviour (session duration, bounce rate, page views), traffic sources, goals tracking, conversions path, pages performance, conversion rate for each traffic channel.

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